Operations of Supply Chain Management

  • We are working closely with our designers, we are supplying the latest graphic designs according to trends and requirements of our clients.
  • Collections or each design, product is developed under our supervision and control, our main aim is to avoid possible problems in advance. So concentration is to manufacture the product with the less problem as much as possible.
  • After the order/enquiry is placed with us, we start taking action with our merhcandising team, action starts with a preproduction meeting. Our supervisor, merchandiser and Quality Controller is in charge during the production stage, we take a versatile control and monitoring together with our factories. Every step is documented and recorded.
  • Each order/enquiry is in process with full controlling stages, every process starting from pattern construction, cutting, print & embroiderry, sewing, iron & packaging runs with the supervision of inline and final controls, we believe that these stages are the most important stages which filters all possible problems in advance. Every inline stage and finalstage is reported and recorded with the accurate values, and shared with our clients.
  • Last ring of our chain is the shipping, we serve possible shipping ways according to destinations or needs of our clients. All we have to do is speak and agree with the best efficient way.